August 21

"My experience was wonderful! The therapists, Tom, Will, and Melody, were absolutely amazing. The nurses were also very attentive to my needs. You even sent me an Occupational Therapist and Kathy displayed the same affection as all the others. My mom is scheduled to begin homecare services very soon and she is, of course, using WESTARM."

Bonnie W.

September 29

"The girls were very excellent, extremely nice, and accommodating. I would recommend WESTARM to anyone for any services that they provide."

Rena K.

October 5

"I had both knees done at different times and I have been to WESTARM for both Homecare and Outpatient Therapy. The staff members were very prompt when they came to my home. They all have great personalities and display professional attitudes. I would recommend you to anyone and I have recommended you to all my friends."

Evangeline "Vange" S.

October 15

"I had a knee replacement in February 2015 and received 4 weeks of Homecare then an additional 4 weeks of Outpatient Therapy. The WESTARM staff came religiously and was on time every day. They rehabbed me so well that I didn't need to come anymore. All of them, Tracy, Crystal, Tom, and Melody did so well". Sally was so happy about her treatment that she told her PCP Dr. Sholwalter out of Parnassus Medical Associates in New Kensington and Orthopedic Surgeon Lawrence Cross from UPMC in Shadyside. She is so pleased she has already referred other people to WESTARM.

Sally G.